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The Benefits of a Wool Rug

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The Benefits of a Wool Rug

Wool rugs are very popular for contemporary homes. Should you consider one for your home?

Wool rugs in a modern contemporary home add a warm touch to any room. Many people prefer the look and feel of 100% wool woven (hand knotted) rugs. Many of the popular styles can be very affordable for low budget redecorating.

So for anyone who is looking to invest in a wool rug, there may be questions about the durability. Is it worth the investment to buy a wool rug?

Wool Rugs – Resilient, Resistant

While wool rugs are popular for many different reasons, one of the most popular reasons is the resistant nature of wool rugs. Wool fibers do not absorb soil very well. This makes the rugs easier to keep clean.

In addition, wool rugs are said to be resistant to fire. The rugs are safe to put in children’s rooms or in high traffic areas of the home. The material is also resistant to static electricity.

Wool also naturally absorbs water from the air. Studies show that the wool fiber may suck up to 30% of it’s own weight in water and it still feels dry to the touch. Wool rugs can actually absorb the water vapor in the air, relieving the humidity in the home.

Wool rugs are also very durable. They can sustain their quality for years, even within the home of an active family.

Easy to Clean Wool Rugs

Above, it was mentioned that wool rugs didn’t absorb dirt. Homeowners really like that the wool fibers are also easy to clean. You can remove most stains with a little warm water and with light blotting. No chemicals would be needed, making it safer for health conscious families.

Upkeep of your wool rug depends on how you look after it once you bring it home. A light vacuuming once a week with slow, even strokes actually helps to improve the quality. A new wool rug may shed a few fibers at first and this is quite natural. With time, the shedding effect will fade and with continued regular vacuuming, your carpet will be better conditioned and have improved quality.

The Amazing Designs of Wool Rugs

Rugs are not only popular for their many benefits, but also for their designs. Now, manufacturers can create popular oriental, Persian and other styles of rugs for any fashionable home. You can get traditional hand made carpets of fine quality. Handmade rugs are a great investment as they usually appreciate in value unlike machine made rugs which lose their value. handmade rugs allow you to own a one of a kind piece of art history. Many of the hand made rugs come from Iran (Persia), Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and are created by age old techniques by master weavers. Usually this art has been handded down from generation to generation. Even the designs are very specific for each region.

If you are looking for a nice contemporary feel to your home, wool rugs make for an elegant and inexpensive option. Finding the right one for your home should be easy, a redecorating store or a specialized wool rug shop would be able to assist you with your needs and also give recommendations on style. Wool rugs are a great investment for your home.



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